Elektronische Gerštetechnik -
Grundlagen des Entwickelns elektronischer Baugruppen und Geršte

Jens Lienig, Hans BrŁmmer

2014, 242 pages, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg

ISBN 978-3-642-40961-5
ISBN 978-3-642-40962-2 (eBook)
DOI 10.1007/978-3-642-40962-2

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German version



Electronic systems, such as cell phones and computers, are the building blocks of modern life. These systems require a set of fundamental technologies that include not only microelectronics but also system level components, such as printed circuit boards, mechanical and optical components, and system level connections. For these to be integrated into systems, they must be simulated, designed, reliability assured, thermally analyzed and adjusted for electromagnetic compatibility. Electronic systems design comprises all these tasks.

This book covers the design of electronic systems from the ground up, from drawing and CAD essentials all the way to end-of-life recycling requirements. Chapter by chapter, it covers the challenges today's system developer faces: the design process and its fundamentals, such as technical drawings, circuit schematics and CAD methodologies (Chapter 2); electronic system levels, assembly and packaging issues, required IEC protection classes and IP codes (Chapter 3); reliability analysis (Chapter 4); thermal management and cooling (Chapter 5); and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC, Chapter 6). This comprehensive book concludes with requirements for recycling and environmental-friendly design principles (Chapter 7).


Link to the English version "Fundamentals of Electronic Systems Design" (published 2017).


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