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The research area of the institute covers the whole spectrum dealing with the design and development of electromechanical and electronic systems. Designing, modeling, and optimizing the behavior of the devices and systems are some of the tasks done in this field. A specific research interest is the development of computer-aided design methods and algorithmic approaches.


Research groups of the institute (links might lead to German web sites):

Electronic Design Automation

Prof. J. Lienig


Design automation and computer-aided layout design with multi-constraint optimization: current density, pin assignment, analog layout constraints.
3D design methodologies for nanostructures: 3D design and modeling, design automation tools for interposer-based systems, thermal design.


Design of Electronic Systems

Dr.-Ing. F. Reifegerste


Design of innovative electronic assemblies and devices: interdisciplinary connections of electronics, constructions, optics, simulation and programming.
Design of LED-based spectral programmable lighting system: dimensioning of defined light spectra by model based optimization, design of spectral measuring systems for lighting quality criteria.
Study of electrical, optical and thermal properties of LED.


Electromechanical Systems

Dr. T. Nagel


Study, development, calculation, design and optimization of electromechanical systems. Conception, development and prototype construction of specialized 3D printer.
Innovative assemblies, devices and procedures for medical engineering.
Consulting on development of performance belt drive gearboxes.
Acoustical engineering: analyses and optimization of sounds of devices, assemblies and control elements.


Simulation and Optimization

Dr. A. Kamusella


Performing probabilistic simulation and multi-objective optimization while taking into consideration the possible contradictory requirements in computer-aided design.
Developing methodologies for the analysis, synthesis, and optimization of devices and systems based on numerical modeling, simulation, and optimization (mechanical assemblies, electromagnetic actuators).


Electromechanical Design

Dr. T. Bödrich


Design, realization and test of small electrical drives and electromagnetic actuators.
Simulation-based magnetic circuit design and optimization (e.g. Modelica, FEM).
Embedded drive controls (hardware, software, sensors).
Measurements on assemblies (electrical, magnetical, mechanical, thermal).
Thermal dimensioning.


Medical Device Engineering

Dr. R. Richter


Predevelopment of innovative medical devices.
Design of microfluidic components.
Numerical fluid and structural simulation.
Miniature actuators and mechanisms along biological lines.
Alternative pumping mechanisms for gentle blood transport.




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